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2018 Cheer Squad

This page is for participants of our 2018 ULL Cheer squad. Parents can check this page for updates, important information, and helpful reminders for what's coming up next in the season! 

Alright Everyone!

I received a lot of emails saying either location would work but I received 11 emails saying they would prefer Fitness Made Fun and two saying they would prefer the park. I appreciated all that were able to email me and let me know their preference. We will be having the End of the Season party at Fitness Made Fun, where the cheerleader's practices were held,  on October 21st at 1:30 pm. The address is 1 West Main St. STE 130 Washington, MO (Right next to Joe's Bakery).

 We ask everyone to bring a dessert or beverage. We are going to provide a few activities for the girls to play. Then Coach Cora will award each of the girls with a certificate and a medal. This year we have also added personalized Little League Cheer decals for each of the girls!